Professional Geomorphology

A workshop on Professional Geomorphology will form part of the BSG 2019 Annual Meeting. This is free to attend but places should be booked by the registration site.

Tuesday 10th September, 4.00–5.15 pm

Venue: The Diamond, The University of Sheffield.

The aim of this workshop is to look for opportunities for academics, consultants and regulators to work collaboratively.

Organised by the BSG committee for Professional Geomorphology

The aim will be achieved by using applied examples and case studies to identify gaps in research and evidence and identify uses for existing research.

By enabling practitioners and academics to work together, we hope to solve practical problems of real concern.

Do you have interesting case studies to help kick start discussion? Get in touch if you can help with case studies to illustrate (

  • Gaps: Are you working on a project where there are gaps in evidence, concepts or data that need to be filled?
  • Applying the science: could your research support evidence-based decision making in an applied setting?
  • Collaboration: Have you worked on a collaborative project where academic research filled the gaps and made a difference? What are your top tips for making this work?
  • Innovation: Do you have a new technique, tool or technology that you’d like to test on a ‘real life’ example? Do you have a problem that needs to be solved using a novel approach?