Early Career Workshop

ECRs are invited to join a workshop to discuss the current and future challenges they will face as their career progresses. The workshop will take the form similar to the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ which involves a panel of experts who will respond to questions and points from the audience. We invite the audience to submit questions on what they are most concerned about regarding their career progression, with a focus on the following topics:

  • Challenges whilst away on business/fieldwork
  • Experience in publishing and how it be more accessible for ECRs
  • What a career path in industry looks like and how it differs from an academic one
  • Are REF/TEF/h-index a suitable way to ‘grade’ universities and are they relevant to a career
    in industry?
  • Can family life and academia co-exist peacefully?

Our panellists come from a wide range of backgrounds, careers, and research areas. Each of them bring valuable experience to address and discuss the topics that are becoming increasingly important for ECRs to consider as they progress in their career. We will be accepting questions in the weeks leading up to the workshop, and encourage questions during the session to enable an organic discussion. For those that might be nervous about asking questions, there will be post-it notes around the room that can be submitted to an organiser who can ask it on your behalf.

The panel will include Georgina Bennett (University of East Anglia); Bethan Davies (University of London, Royal Holloway); Simon Dixon (University of Birmingham); Lucy Clarke (University of Gloucestershire); Katy Kemble (Jacobs UK Ltd.); and Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow).